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Daniel K. Cheng
Keller Williams Peninsula Estates

1430 Howard Ave, Burlingame, CA 94010
1430 Howard Ave
Burlingame, CA 94010

CA DRE License Number: 01376398

(415) 939-8988

 Daniel K. Cheng  Top 1% Century 21 Top Producer for 6 years straight, from 2012 to 2017. Top 1% of Top Realtors in the Nation. Serving the San Francisco Bay Area with Excellence and Integrity for over 15 years

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Daniel K. Cheng  Top 1% Century 21 Centurion Award Winning Agent

Serving the San Francisco Bay Area with Excellence and Integrity Since 2003

     As a leading realtor and team mentor/leader in the San Francisco bay area with more than 14 years experience, Daniel has the experience and knowledge it takes to help his clients achieve their real estate goals. With Daniel, results show.  Sellers' see their homes listed with him selling over neighborhood record sales over 80% of the time.

     With purchases, buyers see Daniel negotiating purchase prices which quite often end up lower than others competing buyers' offers, while still getting their offers accepted. This is done through his strong negotiation skills, relationships, and trust that he has built with other real estate professionals throughout the years.

     Hard work, dedication and a accurate understanding of the real estate market at all times is the secret to his success. He also never falls short of putting his clients needs first.

     Daniel believes in a personal touch to every one of his transactions and prides himself in being easily accessible to his clients. Buying and selling can be a stressful process at times, and he believes that it is important for his clients to be able to reach him when needed. Daniel also gives attention to detail only a realtor with over 14 years of real estate experience can offer.  Daniel feels that that is the only way that each transaction will flow smoothly and successfully.  

     Daniel is the San Francisco Bay Area designated Realtor with Dignity Health and Chinese Hospital organizations, chosen out of a long list of Realtors to be the go to person for all their recruits which serve the bay area. When listing your property with Daniel, his involement with these groups help to give you that extra exposure which is the name of the game when selling your home.

Daniel's strong negotiating skills, market knowledge and aggressive marketing skills, has enabled him to have a client retention level of over 90%. 



Here are some comments from Daniel's clients:

"Hello!  Just wanted to stop by and tell you-all about my experience selling my home with Daniel Cheng: 1st of all, I met daniel when I was interviewing perspective real estate professionals.  He was the 3rd to whom I spoke, I was both impressed with his timeliness and acumen.  Additionally, Daniel was dressed for success and that is one thing in the land of High Tech that's seems to have been lost so a suit & tie in my humble opinion, is the trademark of a business professional.  Daniel also came prepared with a market analysis, complete with cover page and a picture of my abode! 

I had been doing the interview process well in advance of the sale of my home because I typically prepare myself for any significant occurence in my life by doing my homework and being overly prepared.  I told Daniel that I liked what he had to say and I'd be in touch when I was ready to "pull the trigger."  Well, as it turns out, I was much further away from the sale date than I had anticipated, Daniel just took it in stride by staying in touch with me and not pushing me or pestering me. (another sign of a professional) When it was time, Daniel came over, we finalized the details and sold my home in the time we'd expected, at the price we listed it for.  In my never to be humble opinion; Daniel Cheng is an excellent Realtor and someone I would use again without a second thought." S. Walton

"I had a great purchasing experience with Daniel."

"Daniel was knowledgable about the market and thoroughly professional.  He worked tirelessly to accomodate my concerns and questions.  The advice he gave during the process was, in retrospect, spot on."

"I will use his services again in the future, and I recommend him to all." N. Wang

"I have been buying real estate properties before the bust, and I stayed in the market through the highs and the lows because Daniel had always advised me to buy properties that generate cash flow positive rents. had i listened to other agents looking to turn a quick buck, I would be starting from scratch like 75% of the other real estate investors." 

"I will suggest you go with a realtor like Mr. Cheng who suggests properties good for his clients long term interest, and not some flip of a pancake deal." R. Medina

"Daniel is a very reliable and professional realtor.  He has alot of patience with all his customers.  He helped me found two houses and negotiated with a great deal.  I've referred him to my friend and she really loved his professional service.  I would definiately recommend Daniel to my friends and relatives.  He is the best realtor." Cindy. C


"Mr. Cheng is a wonderful Realtor to work with. He's helped me with real estate purchases in the past, and I know from first hand experience that Mr. Cheng always has the most up to date, reliable market information and has answers ready to all of your questions." 

"Not only that, what I appreciate the most is that Mr. Cheng truly looks out for his client's best interest, and is willing to put in as much time as is needed to meet his client's individual needs. "

"I would definitely recommend Mr. Cheng to anyone who is looking for a reliable, knowledgeable Realtor in the Bay Area!"

  T. Jiang


"Daniel Cheng, from Century 21 is top notch.  He is readily available at any time and he gets back to you quickly, which we all know is key when dealing with real estate. He is professional, calm, collected, and hard working...all qualities that are essential when your in the middle of escrow. Mr Cheng not only puts up with my million expectations, he really made me feel good about each of my concerns and did whatever he could to make it as seamless as possable.  When we were up against deadlines, he called everyone he needed to call to follow up on statuses and to make things happen."  (favorably)

"I could honestly say I have experience with real estate and dealing with a Realtor.  Agents in the past have left me nothing to remember them by, this would be my 5th house that I have purchased and I will be looking for my 6th in the near future.  My business decision is solely based on, "TRUST", Mr Cheng has earned his badge with that title."  R. Kwan

"Mr Cheng is friendly and professional! Most importantly, he is reliable and responsible. His knowledge of the current market trend was very helpful when we were looking to purchase a home in San Mateo. I would recommend my friends to Mr. Cheng if they ever need any real estate help!"  A. Tsung


Contact info
Daniel K. Cheng
Keller Williams Peninsula Estates

1430 Howard Ave, Burlingame, CA 94010
Keller Williams Peninsula Estates

1430 Howard Ave, Burlingame, CA 94010

CA DRE License Number: 01376398